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United Kingdom radio (83)

Radio station Live Streaming Location Radio Station Info
Kerrang! 64 Kbps Digital Network Rock
Kestrel FM 32 Kbps Basingstoke Current / Classic Hits
Key 103 64 Kbps Manchester Top 40
Kingdom FM 96 Kbps Fife Current/Classic hits
Kiss 100 64 Kbps London Dance/RnB
Kiss 105-108 64 Kbps Bury St.Edmunds Dance/RnB
Kiss 101 64 Kbps Bristol Dance/RnB
KL.FM 96.7 128 Kbps Kings Lynn Current/Classic hits
kmfm Ashford 32 Kbps Ashford Current/Classic Hits
kmfm Canterbury 32 Kbps Canterbury Current/Classic Hits
kmfm Maidstone 32 Kbps Maidstone Current/Classic Hits
kmfm Medway 32 Kbps Rochester Current/Classic Hits
kmfm Shepway 32 Kbps Folkestone Current/Classic Hits
kmfm Thanet 32 Kbps Margate Current/Classic Hits
kmfm West Kent 32 Kbps Tonbridge Current/Classic Hits
LASAR Radio MP3 Leek, Staffordshire Leek and surrounding Area Radio. Putting the fun back into radio
LagosJump Radio MP3 London We operate out of our offices in London and dj studio in Ajah, Lagos, delivering a dj oriented music streaming service 24×7, 365 days.
LBC 1152 AM 48 | 48 | London News
LBC 97.3 FM 128 | 48 | London News / Talk
Leicester Sound 128 Kbps Leicester Top 40
Lincs FM 64 Kbps Lincoln Current/Classic Hits
Link FM 32 Kbps Havering Community radio
Lionheart Radio 32 Kbps Alnwick Community radio
London Greek Radio 32 Kbps London Greek programming
LSRfm 128 Kbps Leeds Student radio
Magic 1548 64 Kbps Liverpool Adult Contemporary
Magic 1170 64 Kbps Middlesbrough Adult Contemporary
Magic 1152 64 Kbps Newcastle Adult Contemporary
Magic 1152 64 Kbps Manchester Adult Contemporary
Magic 999 64 Kbps Preston Adult Contemporary
Magic 828 64 Kbps Leeds Adult Contemporary
Mansfield 103.2 96 Kbps Mansfield Current/Classic Hits
Manx Radio 20 Kbps Isle of Man Adult Contemporary
Marcher Sound 103.4 128 Kbps Wrexham Top 40
Mercia FM 128 Kbps Coventry Top 40
Mercury 96.6 128 Kbps Watford Top 40
102.7 Mercury FM 128 Kbps Crawley Top 40
Metro Radio 64 Kbps Newcastle Top 40
Midwest Radio 64 Kbps Shaftesbury Current/Classic Hits
Midwest Radio 64 Kbps Yeovil Current/Classic Hits
Ministry of Sound Radio 64 Kbps London Dance
Minster FM 64 Kbps York Current/Classic Hits
Minster Northallerton 64 Kbps Northallerton Current/Classic Hits
Mix 96 64 Kbps Aylesbury Adult Contemporary
Moray Firth Radio 64 Kbps Inverness Top 40
Nation Radio 128 Kbps Cardiff Alternative/Indie
NECR WebPlayer Inverurie Adult Contemporary
Net Radio UK 128 Kbps London 80s, 90s, Talk
Nevis Radio 64 Kbps Fort William Local service
NME Radio 128 Kbps Digital network Alternative / indie rock 128 Kbps Internet only Dance
North Norfolk Radio 32 Kbps Norfolk Current / Classic Hits
NorthSound 1 32 Kbps Aberdeen Top 40
NorthSound 2 64 Kbps Aberdeen Adult Contemporary
NuSound Radio 32 Kbps Forest Gate Community radio
Oak FM 64 Kbps Loughborough Current/Classic Hits
Oban FM 64 Kbps Oban Diverse, community radio
Ocean FM 128 Kbps Portsmouth Current/classic hits
Oldham Community Radio 96 Kbps Oldham Community radio
Original 106 64 Kbps Aberdeen Adult Alternative
Oxygen Radio 128 | 48 Kbps Internet only Top 40
Palm 105.5 32 Kbps Torbay Current/Classic Hits
Passion for the Planet 128 Kbps Digital Network AC/Environmental News
Peak FM 32 Kbps Chesterfield Current/Classic Hits
Pennine FM 64 Kbps Huddersfield Current/Classic Hits
Phoenix FM 48 Kbps Brentwood Community radio
Phoenix Radio 48 Kbps Halifax Community radio
Phonic FM 64 Kbps Exeter Community radio
Pirate FM 32 Kbps Redruth Top 40
Planet Rock 128 Kbps Digital Network Classic Rock
Polskie Radio Londyn 192 | 64 Kbps London Top 40/Dance for Polishcommunity
Premier Christian Radio 96 Kbps London Christian
Preston FM 128 Kbps Preston Community radio
Pulse 2 32 Kbps Bradford Top 40
Pure Radio 32 Kbps Stockport Community radio
Q Radio 64 Kbps Digital Network Pop/Rock
Q 97.2 64 Kbps Coleraine Current/Classic Hits
Q102 64 Kbps Londonderry Current/Classic Hits
107.4 The Quay 64 Kbps Portsmouth Current/Classic Hits
QuayWest FM 32 Kbps Minehead Adult Contemporary
Queen’s Radio 96 Kbps Belfast Student radio
Radio Acen 24 Kbps Swansea Welsh language learning
Radio Aire 64 Kbps Leeds Top 40
Radio Borders 64 Kbps Galashiels Top 40
Radio Cabin 24, 64 Kbps Herne Bay Community radio (Eves./Weekends only)
Radio Caroline 64 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Classic Rock
Radio City 64 Kbps Liverpool Top 40
Radio Ha-Ha! 128 Kbps Internet Only Non-Stop Comedy 24 Hours a Day. Listened to in over 90 different countries
Radio Hampshire 128 Kbps Southampton Current/Classic Hits
Radio Jackie 32, 96 | 32 Tolworth Classic Hits
99.9 Radio Norwich 32 Kbps Norwich Current/Classic Hits
Radio ORLA FM 64 Kbps London Polish Pop/Rock
Radio Pembrokeshire 64 Kbps Tenby Adult Contemporary
RadioReverb 128 Kbps Brighton Community radio
Radio Scilly 64 Kbps Isles of Scilly Community radio
Radio St Austell Bay 32 Kbps St Austell Community radio
Radio Teesdale 128 Kbps Barnard Castle Community radio
Radio Tircoed 64 Kbps Swansea Community radio
Radio Verulam 64 Kbps St.Albans Community radio
Radio Wave 96.5 32 Kbps Blackpool Adult Contemporary
Radio XL 24 Kbps Birmingham Asian programming
Raidió F?ilte 32 Kbps Belfast Community radio (Irish)
RAM FM 128 Kbps Derby Top 40
Rare FM 96 Kbps London University College London
Reach OnAir 24, 128 Kbps Internet only Pop/rock/dance
Reading 107fm 24 Kbps Reading Top 40
Real Radio North West 64 Kbps Manchester Adult Contemporary
Real Radio Wales 64 Kbps Cardiff Adult Contemporary
Real Radio Scotland 64 Kbps Glasgow Adult Contemporary
Real Radio Yorkshire 64 Kbps Leeds Adult Contemporary
Red Dragon FM 128 Kbps Cardiff Top 40
Resonance 104.4fm 128 Kbps London Community Radio/Arts
96.2 The Revolution 32 Kbps Oldham Current/classic hits
Ridings FM 64 Kbps Wakefield Current/classic hits
97.4 Rock FM 64 Kbps Preston Top 40
Rother FM 64 Kbps Rotherham Current/classic hits
Rugby FM 32 Kbps Rugby Current/classic hits
Rutland Radio 64 Kbps Oakham Current/Classic hits
Sabras Radio 64 Kbps Leicester Asian programming
Saint FM 56 Kbps Burnham on Crouch Community radio
Salford City Radio 64 Kbps Salford Community radio
Share Music MP3 London Instrumental folk music (no singing), with UK news on the hour. great backround accompaniment for reading, writing, working or for cafes & restaurants.
Share Radio MP3 London Speech station with a main aim to provide money and business information for people from all walks of life.
shmuFM 128 Kbps Aberdeen Community radio
Seaside FM 32 Kbps Withernsea Community radio
Seven FM 48 Kbps Ballymena Adult Contemporary
Sheffield Live 64 Kbps Sheffield Community radio
Signal 1 32 Kbps Stoke Top 40
Signal 2 32 Kbps Stoke Adult Contemporary
Silk FM 64 Kbps Macclesfield Current/Classic Hits
Six FM 32 Kbps Cookstown Current/classic hits
SmashHits Radio 64 Kbps Digital Network Top 40
SM Radio 64 Kbps London Internet Radio
Solar Radio 32 Kbps London Soul/Jazz
Sommer Valley FM 128 Kbps Midsummer Norton Community radio
Sounds Familiar 64 Kbps Internet Only Soundtracks
Southend Radio 64 Kbps Southend Adult contemporary
Southern FM 128 Kbps Brighton Top 40
Spectrum Radio 1 16 Kbps London Multiultural
Spectrum Radio 2 16 Kbps London Multicultural
102 Spire FM 64 Kbps Salisbury Current/Classic Hits
Spirit FM 64 Kbps Chichester Current/Classic Hits
107.7 Splash FM 128 Kbps Worthing Adult Contemporary/Local news
97.2 Stray FM 64 Kbps Harrogate Current/Classic Hits
Streetlife FM 32 Kbps Leyton Community radio
Stroud FM 32 Kbps Stroud Community radio
Sun FM 64 Kbps Sunderland Current/Classic Hits
Sunrise Radio 32 Kbps London Asian programming
Sunshine 1530 32 Kbps Worcester Classic Hits
Sunshine 106.2 32 Kbps Hereford Classic Hits
Sunshine 107 32 Kbps Monmouth Classic Hits
Swansea Sound 32 Kbps Swansea Adult Contemporary
Swindon 105.5 64 Kbps Swindon Community radio
talkGospel 32 Kbps London Christian
talkSPORT 32 Kbps London Sport
Tameside Radio 32 Kbps Ashton-under-Lyne Community Radio
Tay FM 32 Kbps Dundee Top 40
Tay AM 32 Kbps Dundee Adult Contemporary
107.4 Telford FM 64 Kbps Telford Current/Classic Hits
Ten-17 128 Kbps Harlow Top 40
TFM 64 Kbps Teeside Top 40
Time 106.6 20 Kbps Slough Current / Classic Hits
Time 106.8 48 Kbps Greenwich Current / Classic Hits
Time 107.5 48 Kbps Romford Current / Classic Hits
Total Rock 128 Kbps Internet only Heavy Rock
Touch Radio 32 Kbps Tamworth Current / Classic Hits
107.3 Touch Radio 32 Kbps Warwick Current / Classic Hits
Tower FM 32 Kbps Bolton Current / Classic Hits
Town 102 128 Kbps Ipswich Current / Classic Hits
Traffic Radio London 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Traffic Radio Midlands 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Traffic Radio North East 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Traffic Radio North West 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Traffic Radio South East 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Traffic Radio South West 48 Kbps | 48 Kbps Digital Network Traffic news
Trax FM 64 Kbps Doncaster Current/classic hits
96 Trent FM 128 Kbps Nottingham Top 40
Two Lochs Radio 64 Kbps Gairloch Local service
U105 32 Kbps Belfast Current/Classic Hits
UCB UK 64 Kbps Digital Network Christian programming
UCB Bible 48 Kbps Digital Network Bible readings
UCB Inspirational 64 Kbps Digital Network Inspirational music/worship
UCB Talk 48 Kbps Digital Network Christian Talk
UCB The Word 64 Kbps Digital Network Contemporary Christian
1449 AM URB 32, 96 Kbps Bath Student Radio
Victory Sound 128 Kbps London Ministry in Focus
Viking FM 64 Kbps Hull Top 40
96.4FM The Wave 32 Kbps Swansea Current/Classic Hits
Wave 102 32 Kbps Dundee Current/Classic Hits
Wave 105 64 Kbps Southampton Adult Contemporary
Waves Radio 32 Kbps Peterhead Current/Classic Hits
Wessex FM 64 Kbps Dorchester Current/classic hits
West FM 32 Kbps Ayr Top 40
West Sound FM 32 Kbps Dumfries Adult Contemporary
Westside 89.6FM 56 Kbps Southall Community radio
Wire FM 32 Kbps Warrington Current/Classic Hits
Wish FM 32 Kbps Wigan Current/Classic Hits
107.7 The Wolf 32 Kbps Wolverhampton Current/Classic Hits
Wythenshawe FM 32 Kbps Wythenshawe Community radio
107.2 The Wyre 64 Kbps Kidderminster Current/Classic Hits
Wyvern FM 128 Kbps Worcester Top 40
104.9 XFM 128 Kbps London Alternative / New music
97.7 XFM 128 Kbps Manchester Alternative/New music
Xpress Radio 128 Kbps Cardiff Student radio
Yorkshire Radio 32 Kbps Leeds Adult Contemporary/Sport
Yorkshire Coast Radio 64 Kbps Scarborough Current/Classic Hits