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Radio station Live Streaming Location Radio Station Info
Ciccio Riccio 32 Kbps Brindisi Adult Contemporary
Controradio 64 Kbps Florence Music/culture/local news
Country Power Station WebPlayer Internet only US Country music
DeeGay Radio 128 Kbps Internet only Pop/Dance
DeeGay Classics 128 Kbps Internet only Pop/Classics
Delta Radio 32 Kbps Porto Tolle Adult contemporary
Easy Network WebPlayer Padova Adult Contemporary
EcoRadio FlashPlayer Rome Environmental issues
EXCALIBUR 128 Kbps Internet only MUSIC NON STOP 24/24
Fashion FM 128 Kbps Bologna Dance/House/Fashion news
FLY Radio 64 Kbps Genova Top 40, the music that makes you fly
FM Classic 96 Kbps Siracusa Oldies
FM Italia 96 Kbps Siracusa Pop
FM Italia 96 Kbps Siracusa Pop
Funky Corner Radio MP3 | AAC+ | OGG vorbis Internet only We play the best in Funky, R&B and 70s Disco
Gamma Radio 32 Kbps Ponsacco Oldies
Gamma Radio Pavia 48 Kbps Pavia Oldies
Golden Radio Italia FlashPlayer Internet only 80s music
Hibrido 128 Kbps Bologna Groove, fusion, alternative
Love FM 32 Kbps Bologna Adult contemporary
Love FM 64 Kbps Bari Adult contemporary
m2o 128 Kbps Rome Dance (national network)
MultiRadio 32 Kbps Macerata Top 40
NBC – Rete Regione 64 Kbps Bolzano Pop/News
Nuova Spazio Radio 64 Kbps Rome News/information/music
Onda Libera 32 Kbps Rome Pop
Queen Hit Radio 20 Kbps Lecce Top 40
R101 128 Kbps Milan Hot Adult Contemporary (National commercial network)
R101 Ottanta 128 Kbps Milan 80s music
R101 Novanta 128 Kbps Milan 90s music
R101 Centouno 128 Kbps Milan 00s music
R101 Non Stop Music 128 Kbps Milan 80s, 90s, 00s music
R101 Rugby Radio 128 Kbps Milan Rock/Sport
Radio 105 FM 128 Kbps Milan Top 40 (National commercial network)
105 Best For You 96 Kbps Milan Programme highlights
105 Hits 96 Kbps Milan Non-stop hits
105 Hip Hop 96 Kbps Milan HipHop
105 Rock Hits 96 Kbps Milan Rock
105 House 96 Kbps Milan House
105 Latino 96 Kbps Milan Latin hits
105 Big Smile 96 Kbps Milan Uptempo ‘feel good’ music
105 Crazy Radio 96 Kbps Milan Comedy and music
105 Music Star: Madonna 64 Kbps 96 Kbps Milan Madonna songs and trivia
105 Music Star: Ligabue 64 Kbps 96 Kbps Milan Ligabue songs and trivia
105 Music Star: Vasco 64 Kbps 96 Kbps Milan Vasco songs and trivia
Radio 105 Classics 64 Kbps 128 Kbps Milan 70s/80s classics
105 Classics Groove 80 64 Kbps 96 Kbps Milan 80s Dance/funk/pop
105 Classics Soul Explosion 64 Kbps 96 Kbps Milan Classic soul, funk and dance
R 23 MP3 Milan Music, entertainment and news live 24/7 from Milan
Radio 24 32 Kbps 16 Kbps Milan News
Radio 3 Network 48 Kbps Poggibonsi Top 40
Radio 60 128 Kbps Milan Misc music
Radio 80 32 Kbps Novento Padovana 70s/80s/Disco
Radio 2000 128 Kbps Bruneck (Südtirol) Schlager
Radio Adamello 32 Kbps Edolo Top 40/RnB
Radio Adige 40 Kbps Verona Adult Contemporary
Radio Aldebaran 48 Kbps Chiavari Adult Contemporary
Radio Alfa 64 Kbps Teggiano Top 40
Radio Alta 32 Kbps Bergamo Top 40/Local news
Radio Amore 32 Kbps Naples Adult Contemporary
Radio Antenne Forte 20 Kbps Castelforte Local service
Radio Azurra 32 Kbps Ravanusa Top 40
Radio Base 64 Kbps Mestre Pop/Rock/DJ mixes
Radio Bellla&Monella 40 Kbps Castelfranco Veneto Adult Contemporary
Radio Belluno 32 Kbps Belluno Local service
Radio Bergamo 48 Kbps Bergamo Adult Contemporary
Radio Birikina 40 Kbps Castelfranco Veneto Oldies
Radio Blu Toscana 32 Kbps Prato Music/Sport/information
Radio BPM 96 Kbps Catania Dance
Radio Bruno 32 Kbps Bologna Top 40
Radio Budrio 64 Kbps Budrio Local service
Radio Bussola 24 40 Kbps Salerno Adult Contemporary
Radio Cafè 96 Kbps Padua Oldies/Easy Listening
Radio Capital 128 Kbps Rome Adult Contemporary
Radio Canale Zero 32 Kbps Rome Current/classic hits
Radio Capri 128 Kbps Capri Top 40
Radio Carisma 96 Kbps Ferrara Top 40
Radio Catania 32 Kbps Catania Adult Contemporary
Radio Centro Suono 64 Kbps Rome Top 40/RnB/Dance
Radio Citta’ Futura 80 Kbps Rome Alternative
Radio Città del Capo 128 Kbps Bologna Information/music
Radio CL1 64 Kbps Caltanissetta Music/News/Sport
RadioClassica 20 Kbps Milan Classical
Radio Classica Bresciana 48 Kbps Brescia Classical music
Radio Club 91 64 Kbps Naples Top 40
Radio Club 103 32 Kbps Belluno News/Talk/Pop music
Radio Club Network 128 Kbps Cagliari Top 40/Oldies
Radio Company 32 Kbps Novento Padovana Top 40
Radio Cortina 96 Kbps Cortina d’Ampezzo Adult Contemporary
Radio Cuore 32 Kbps Ponsacco Italian love songs
Radio Day 64 Kbps Frosinone Top 40
Radio Deejay 32 Kbps Milan Top 40
Radio Dimensione Suono (RDS) 20 Kbps Rome Top 40
Radio Dimensione Musica 48 Kbps Ispica Top 40/Local service
Radio Dolomiti 64 Kbps Trento Adult Contemporary/Local news
Radio Empire 96 Kbps Furci Siculo Classic Hits
Radio Energy 64 Kbps Torino Top 40
Radio Erre 32 Kbps Foggia Top 40
Radio Fantastica 32 Kbps Ponsacco Top 40
Radio Galileo 32 Kbps Terni News/Pop/Rock
Radio Gamma 32 Kbps Savignano Sul Rubicone Pop/News
Radio Gamma Gioiosa 64 Kbps Gioiosa Jonica Pop, news and culture
Radio Globo 48 Kbps Rome Top 40
Radio Gold 128 Kbps Alessandria Music/news
Radio Holiday 128 Kbps Bruneck (Südtirol) Top 40
Radio Iglesias 96 Kbps Iglesias Local service
Radio InBlu 32 Kbps Rome Information/culture
Radio Incontro Italia 48 Kbps Rome Adult Contemporary
Radio International 48 Kbps Bologna Top 40
Radio Italia 48 Kbps Milan Italian pop (National commercial network)
Radio Italia Uno 96 Kbps Padua Italian pop
Radio Kiss Kiss 128 Kbps Naples Top 40
Kiss Kiss History Hits 128 Kbps Naples Classic hits
Radio Kiss Kiss Italia 128 Kbps Naples Italian pop
Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli 128 Kbps Naples Adult Contemporary/ local information
Radio LatteMiele 48 Kbps Milan Italian Adult Contemporary
Radio Lina 48 Kbps Cagliari Top 40
Radio L’Olgiata 20 Kbps Rome Italian Pop Favorites
Radio Lombardia 32 Kbps Milan Top 40/Information
Radio Mambo 96 Kbps Rome Latin music
Radio Maria 32 Kbps Erba Religious (National network)
Radio Marilù 40 Kbps Castelfranco Veneto Oldies/Easy Listening
Radio Mater 20 Kbps Erba Catholic
Radio Meneghina 64 Kbps Milan Variety
Radio Metro’ 128 Kbps Udine Pop/Disco
Radio Millennium 64 Kbps Legnano Adult Contemporary
Radio Millenote 32 Kbps Bergamo Adult Contemporary
Radio Montorfano 49 Kbps Rovato Pop
Radio Nettuno 32 Kbps Bologna Adult contemporary
Radio Norba 32 Kbps Conversano Top 40
Radio Nostalgia 32 Kbps Genova Classic Hits
Radio Number One 32 Kbps Bergamo Top 40
Radio Nuoro Centrale 32 Kbps Nuoro Top 40
Radio Nuova inBlu 48 Kbps Macerata Local service
Radio Omega Sound 56 Kbps Rome Adult Contemporary
Radio Onda 1 128 Kbps Internet only Adult Contemporary/Talk
Radio Onda Rossa 32 Kbps Rome Free radio
Radio Padova WebPlayer Padua Adult contemporary
Radio Pico WebPlayer Mirandola Top 40
Radio Pico Classic 96 Kbps Mirandola Oldies
Radio Piterpan 40 Kbps Verona Pop
Radio Planet 64 Kbps Vicenza Top 40/Dance
Radio Popolare 20 Kbps Milan News/information
Radio Popolare Roma 64 Kbps Rome News/information/culture
Radio Punto Nuovo 32 Kbps 128 Kbps Cesinali Pop/rock
Radio Punto Zero 31 Kbps Naples Top 40
Radio Punto Zero Tre Venezie 128 Kbps Trieste Sport/News/Top 40
Radio Radicale 32 Kbps Rome News
Radio Radiosa 32 Kbps Matera News/Pop/Dance
Radio Record 48 Kbps Santarcangelo di Romagna Adult contemporary / Oldies
Radio Reporter 32 Kbps Milan Music/Information
Radio Rock 64 Kbps Rome Rock/Pop
Radio Rock Italia 64 Kbps Rome Italian rock
Radio Rosa 64 Kbps Barberino Val d’Elsa Information/music
Radio Sei 5 Kbps Rome Talk
Radio Serra 98 20 Kbps 48 Kbps Serra San Bruno Top 40
Radio Siena 32 Kbps Siena Local service
Radio Skipper 40 Kbps Internet only 80s / 90s Hits
Radio Smile 96 Kbps Catania Top 40
Radio Sound 32 Kbps Codigoro Top 40/Dance/Italian hits
Radio Spazio Aperto 20 Kbps Rome Talk/Sports
Radio Splash 49 Kbps Milan Variety
Radio Star 32 Kbps Lucca Top 40
Radio Stop 64 Kbps Cecina Top 40/Dance
Radiostreet Messina 64 Kbps Messina AC/News & Information (Popolare Network)
Radio Studio Piu’ 40 Kbps Desenzano del Garda Dance
Radio Studio Piu’2 40 Kbps Desenzano del Garda Classic Dance
Radio Studio 95 20 Kbps Melito Porto Salvo Top 40
Radio StudioStar 32 Kbps Cannobio Top 40/Dance
Radio Subasio 32 Kbps Assisi Adult contemporary
Radio Suby 128 Kbps Rome Pop Mix
Radio System Network 32 Kbps Copertino Top 40
Radio Ti Ricordi 24 Kbps Rome Pop Classics
Radio Toscana Network 48 Kbps Florence Adult Contemporary
Radio TRS 32 Kbps Cologno Monzese Pop/Rock
Radio Touring Catania 64 Kbps Catania Pop
Radio Venere 48 Kbps Bovalino Top 40
Radio Venezia 64 Kbps Venice Top 40
Radio Verona 128 Kbps Verona Local service
Radio Via Monte Napoleone 20 Kbps Via MonteNapoleone Music, fashion, trends
Radio Video Music 128 Kbps Milano Any Kind of Music for Lovers of Emotion
Radio Zammù www Catania University of Catania
Radio Zero 64 Kbps Ravenna Pop/rock
Rete Alfa 32 Kbps Ferrara Adult contemporary
Rete Toscana Classica 64 Kbps Florence Classical
RGS 32 Kbps Palermo Top 40/News
RMC 1 Radio Monte Carlo 64 Kbps Milan Hot Adult Contemporary
RMC 2 64 Kbps Milan Dance/chill/lounge
RMC Great Artists 64 Kbps Milan Classic Hits
RMC Monte Carlo Nights Story 64 Kbps Milan Pop/soul/world music
RMC Love Songs 64 Kbps Milan Love songs
RMC Film 64 Kbps Milan Movie soundtracks
RMC The Best 64 Kbps Milan Adult Contemporary
RMC Italia 64 Kbps Milan Italian pop
RMC Marine 64 Kbps Milan Pop/dance/lounge/’Sea life’ info
RMC 60 64 Kbps Milan 60s hits
RMC 70 64 Kbps Milan 70s hits
RMC 80 64 Kbps Milan 80s hits
RMC 90 64 Kbps Milan 90s hits
RMC My Radio 64 Kbps Milan Listener generated programming
RMC Radio Bau 64 Kbps Milan Animals and music
RMC Motori 64 Kbps Milan Cars and music
RTL 102.5 64 Kbps Rome Top 40
RTL 102.5 Classic 64 Kbps Rome Classic hits
RTL 102.5 Groove 64 Kbps Rome Top 40
RTL 102.5 Italian Style 64 Kbps Rome Italian pop
RTL 102.5 Radio Guardia Costiera 64 Kbps Rome AC music/news about sea life (Italian Coast Guard radio)
RTRN Radio 64 Kbps Florence 90s Progressive Trance Electronica
RVS Radio 112 Kbps Scicli Pop
SoloRadio 32 Kbps Rome Adult Contemporary
Stereo Citta 96 Kbps Padua Hot Adult Contemporary
Südtirol 1 128 Kbps Bozen/Bolzano Top 40 (German)
TeleRadioStereo 32 Kbps Rome Adult Contemporary/ Information
TRS Radio 24 Kbps Rome Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk etc
Venice Classic Radio 128 Kbps Internet only Classical music
Veronica Hit Radio 128 Kbps Pesaro Top 40
Video Radio Star 128 Kbps Treviglio Top 40
Vintage Radio 96 Kbps Rome Oldies
Virgin Radio Italia 64 Kbps Milan Rock hits (national network)
Virgin Rock Classico 64 Kbps Milan Classic rock
Virgin Rock Extreme 64 Kbps Milan Alternative/hard rock
Virgin Rock Alternative 64 Kbps Milan Indie rock
Viva FM 64 Kbps Gavardo Top 40
Top Italia Radio 32 Kbps Valle d’Aosta Local service